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Neck Pitch – Why and How
For a beginner guitarist, neck pitch (tilt) is nowhere on the radar when it comes to choosing an instrument. The color is much more important. They'll eventually discover that different neck pitches change the feel of the guitar significantly, though.…
Now Available: Custom Guitar Template Drawings
As many of you may not know already, I have been creating custom template drawings for customers. This is not something that was ever advertised, it just came about after various people contacted me via email to ask if it…
Build Log: Semi-Hollow Acrylic Top Flying V
While this may be the first build log published on Electric Herald, it's certainly not the first build to come from the templates found here. What's interesting about this one is that some significant modifications were made to the original…
How to Intonate a Guitar (or Bass)
While this article deals specifically with standard single scale instruments in mind, you may use the same process on multi-scale instruments. Multi-scale instruments are designed to address some of the intonation problems outlined below, but still are subject to the…
Top 20: Best Electric Guitar Kits [2020]

Tired of the same Strat kits? We’ve assembled the best group of unique, high quality electric guitar kits available with all specs listed.

Best DIY Guitar Kits – Site Reviews [2020]

We take a look at the best websites to buy DIY guitar kits. If you want build your own guitar but don’t have all of the expensive tools, this is the way!

Guitar Repair Tools Guide [Purchase List – 2020]

Thinking about repairing or modifying your own guitar? Interested in becoming a luthier? We can help you get started with this extensive tool list.

Where to Build Your Own Guitar Online

If you’re looking to simplify the process of designing your own guitar, you’ll be pleased to learn that you can do it entirely online with these sites.

5 Effective Ways to Easily Sell Your Custom Guitars

A helpful guest article discussing some of the ways luthiers can market their custom built guitars, both online and offline.

Guitar Design Video – Adobe Illustrator

A video demonstration showing the complete process of drawing a guitar template in Adobe Illustrator.