Compound Radius Calculator

A complete toolset for calculating the measurements to achieve the most perfect fretboard construction possible – your action will never be lower than this!

All Guitar Scale Charts in One Tool

A free application that contains all guitar scales in one place – much easier than having to sift through tons of individual charts!

Online Bass Tuner App

A free online tuner for electric bassists – simply click the strings and tune to pitch. Check out our other apps once you’ve tuned up!

Fret Distance Calculator

A helpful application to do all of the math required fretting a guitar (or bass) – particularly useful for non-standard scale lengths.

Guitar Chords Chart App

A free online chord index that contains virtually every guitar chord and variation known. Useful for beginners and advanced players, no theory required.

Online Guitar Tuner

A free online electric guitar tuner – simply click the strings and tune up to pitch! (A-440). Check out our other applications afterward too!