Pickup Winding Guide: Part I – Approach
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All About Guitar Inlays – Design, Carve, and Embed Inlays
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Guitar Neck Profile Guide
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Neck Pitch – Why and How
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Ergonomic Guitar Templates

Downloadable PDF guitar templates for various ergonomic models.

Guitar Repair Tools Guide [Purchase List – 2020]

Thinking about repairing or modifying your own guitar? Interested in becoming a luthier? We can help you get started with this extensive tool list.

JTB-II / Free CAD Files for an Original Guitar Model

A free CAD model set for an original guitar: the JTB-II.

How to Draw a Guitar Template – Adobe Illustrator

Learn how to draw a guitar template using Adobe Illustrator – for use in lutherie, CAD / CAM, and template making (Difficulty: Intermediate).