Guitar Articles

A Guitar Player’s Guide to Moisture and Humidity

Guest post by Brian Kelleher regarding the importance of balancing the humidity in your guitar’s environment.

Build Log: Semi-Hollow Acrylic Top Flying V
While this may be the first build log published on Electric Herald, it's certainly not…
Top 20: Best Electric Guitar Kits [2021]

Tired of the same Strat kits? We’ve assembled the best group of unique, high quality electric guitar kits available with all specs listed.

Best DIY Guitar Kits – Site Reviews [2021]

We take a look at the best websites to buy DIY guitar kits. If you want build your own guitar but don’t have all of the expensive tools, this is the way!

Where to Build Your Own Guitar Online

If you’re looking to simplify the process of designing your own guitar, you’ll be pleased to learn that you can do it entirely online with these sites.

Five of the Best Jazz Guitars

Guest-author Marc-Andre Seguin from provides some valuable insight into his choices for the top guitars for jazz guitarists.

Teye’s Artisan Guitars – Balanced & Beautiful

Unique guitars, crafted with precision and pure artistry. See why musicians like Joan Jett, Billy Gibbons, and Cliff Williams own Teye artisan guitars.

The Works of Yuriy Shishkov – Fender’s Master Builder

Originally from Belarus, Yuriy Shishkov grew up in an era of awful guitars made by the Soviet Union before becoming Fender’s head master builder.

The Best 8-String Guitars under $500 [2020]

If you’re looking to get low without without breaking the bank, you’ll be surprised to find there are plenty of quality 8-string guitars for under $500!

Upcycled Guitars (when the wood runs out)

A look at some of the more novel creations in the world of lutherie, including guitars made from cardboard, AK-47s, and even a shovel!