Guitar Articles

Custom Guitar Builders Online Directory

Find a luthier, repair shop, custom guitar maker, or boutique guitar companies near you. Match by location, services, and online ordering.

Online Bass Tuner App

A free online tuner for electric bassists – simply click the strings and tune to pitch. Check out our other apps once you’ve tuned up!

Guitar Chords Chart App

A free online chord index that contains virtually every guitar chord and variation known. Useful for beginners and advanced players, no theory required.

Guitar Notes: Visualizing Standard Tuning

This lesson presents a simple visual method for memorizing all of the notes on the fretboard – guaranteed to improve your playing.

Custom Pickup Winding Machine with Bobbin & Wire
Custom Guitar Pickups Guide

We take a close look at the world of custom pickup winding and how much thought goes into each component to create your guitar’s voice.

Inside the Gibson Guitar Factory

Take a look inside the Gibson Guitar Factory Tour to get an idea of all of the cool stuff you’ll get to see – from a block of wood to the finished product.

All About the Fender Telecaster

The Fender Telecaster is a guitarist’s guitar – it’s a no-frills, minimalist, magical block of wood that changed music for the better.

Online Guitar Tuner

A free online electric guitar tuner – simply click the strings and tune up to pitch! (A-440). Check out our other applications afterward too!

The Best Starter Guitars Under $300

Some free professional help from an experienced perspective – we can help you find the right guitar for yourself or a loved one….at the right price too.

Used Guitar Buyer’s Guide

If you’re considering buying a used guitar from the shop down the road or Craigslist, you can ensure you get what you want with this guide.