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Guitar Repair Tools Guide [Purchase List – 2020]

Thinking about repairing or modifying your own guitar? Interested in becoming a luthier? We can help you get started with this extensive tool list.

How to Fix Fret Buzz (the right way)

Learn how to diagnose and repair electric guitar fret buzz. This guide walks you through a failsafe method to rid yourself of buzzing in any scenario.

How to Refret a Guitar

A step-by-step guide to walk you through the process of performing a complete re-fret job on your guitar – with easy to follow diagrams included.

How to Print a Guitar Template

Making your own guitar templates is much simpler than you might expect – all you need is a standard printer, paper, and some MDF.

How To: Compound Radius Router Jig

A pictorial guide to help you construct a router jig capable of creating perfect compound-radius fretboards. Make sure you check the videos at the end!