Guitar Modification

Pickup Winding Guide: Part I – Approach
This guide will take you through the various materials & winding techniques used, and attempt…
Guitar inlays lutherie article header.
All About Guitar Inlays – Design, Carve, and Embed Inlays
This is a big subject, but we’re going to try to distill things and send…
Signal Phase & Switch Mods Guide

Everything you need to know about signal phase relating to your guitar’s pickups – what it is, what it sounds like, and how to use it!

How To – Variable Capacitor Selector Mod

Learn how to make your own varitone knob using a variable rotary switch – you will be able to flip between multiple capacitors with ease.

18v Battery Modification for Active Pickups

One of the most popular modifications for active pickup sets – the 18v mod makes a significant change to your guitar tone’s headroom!

How To Make a Killswitch for Your Guitar

The most extensive guide to making your own guitar killswitch on the web. It’s a simple modification with plenty of helpful diagrams.

Tonecaps – Guitar Capacitors Guide

Ever wanted to know how a capacitor actually changes your guitar’s tone? Or know why different capacitors create different tones? This article is for you.