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Chester Bennington of Linkin Park Commits Suicide

Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington has been found dead from an apparent suicide this morning shortly before 9:00am (7/20/17)

Jackson Releases 6 New Guitar Models

Jackson has scheduled six brand new models to be released in October 2017, along with a number of new wood and finish combos for past favorites.

The Music Man St. Vincent Guitar (is not just for women)

One of Ernie Ball’s latest guitar models, the Music Man St. Vincent, has been misrepresented by the media as being the “first guitar designed for women”.

UK Tech-Fest (July 6th – 9th) – tickets still available!

The 2017 UK Techfest will take place over the course of three days (July 6th – July 9th) at the Newark Showground in Nottinghamshire. Tickets are available!

The Best 8-String Guitars under $500 [2020]

If you’re looking to get low without without breaking the bank, you’ll be surprised to find there are plenty of quality 8-string guitars for under $500!

New Chapman ML1 / ML1-8 RS Guitars arriving in the US

Chapman has just announced that a new shipment of their ML1-8 RS guitars will be arriving in the US – check out the full specifications here.

The Black Dahlia Murder: New Guitarist, New Album, New Tour
According to their record label (Metal Blade), The Black Dahlia Murder have finished recording their latest album and will be releasing it some time this fall. It’ll be the eighth studio release from the death metal heavyweights, who have been…
Upcycled Guitars (when the wood runs out)

A look at some of the more novel creations in the world of lutherie, including guitars made from cardboard, AK-47s, and even a shovel!

Signal Phase & Switch Mods Guide

Everything you need to know about signal phase relating to your guitar’s pickups – what it is, what it sounds like, and how to use it!

New from Epiphone: Lee Malia Explorer Custom

Epiphone will be releasing its new model, the Lee Malia Explorer Custom Artisan Outfit, in July 2017. Hopefully they’ll shorten the name too.