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New Gibson Model: Modern Double Cut Standard

Gibson finally releases their newest model, the Modern Double Cut Standard. It was spotted earlier in the year and caused much speculation.

How To – Variable Capacitor Selector Mod

Learn how to make your own varitone knob using a variable rotary switch – you will be able to flip between multiple capacitors with ease.

Between the Buried and Me – Colors 10th Anniversary Tour

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of their landmark album Colors, Between the Buried and me have announced a 25-date tour.

18v Battery Modification for Active Pickups

One of the most popular modifications for active pickup sets – the 18v mod makes a significant change to your guitar tone’s headroom!

Active Pickups Guide – Seymour Duncan Blackouts vs EMG Pickups

Deciding to install a set of active pickups is a big one – and for metal guitarists, it always comes down to Seymour Duncan Blackouts or EMG pickups.

How To Make a Killswitch for Your Guitar

The most extensive guide to making your own guitar killswitch on the web. It’s a simple modification with plenty of helpful diagrams.

Abandoned Houses Recycled into Guitars in Detroit

A small company in Detroit is taking part in the effort to revitalize the city by using wood from abandoned buildings to build new guitars.

Gibson’s Mystery Prototype Guitar – 2017

An unidentified prototype guitar was spotted earlier in the year when Gibson participated in the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Best Metal Guitars Under $500 [2020]

If you’re looking for the best metal guitars that money can buy, then this is the place to start – we’ve got plenty to work with at $500.

Best Floating Bridges & Tremolos (Non-Floyd Rose)

The Floyd Rose tremolo system is great, but not without its detractors – take a look at the various other floating bridge options first.