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Top 10 – The Best Heavy Metal Guitars [2020]

The definitive list of the best heavy metal guitars guitars, as decided by popular vote from the metal community’s objective preferences.

How To: Compound Radius Router Jig

A pictorial guide to help you construct a router jig capable of creating perfect compound-radius fretboards. Make sure you check the videos at the end!

How To: Circle/Radius Cutting Jig

A simple yet effective router jig for making circular cuts – this is pretty much the standard for any carpenter or luthier – even a bit more complex.

Compound Radius Calculator

A complete toolset for calculating the measurements to achieve the most perfect fretboard construction possible – your action will never be lower than this!

How To: Radius Sanding Block Jig

A pictorial guide to help you build a router/dremel jig for creating your own radiused sanding blocks. Price and parts are minimal.

All Guitar Scale Charts in One Tool

A free application that contains all guitar scales in one place – much easier than having to sift through tons of individual charts!

How To Fretdress Your Guitar Flawlessly

Learn how to perform a professional fret dress on your guitar. Tool links and detailed diagrams will help guide you along the way.

Telecaster vs Stratocaster – Trouble Deciding?

Choosing a new guitar is a big decision, and even with some very definite preferences, choosing between a Stratocaster and a Telecaster can be a challenge.

How to Make a Bone Nut

A detailed walkthrough to teach you the process of making a new bone nut for your guitar from scratch – you need to know this to get perfect action!

Is Tonewood A Myth?

We take an open-minded approach to answering one of the biggest questions when it comes to building custom guitars: “does tonewood actually affect my tone?”