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Telecaster vs Stratocaster – Trouble Deciding?

Choosing a new guitar is a big decision, and even with some very definite preferences, choosing between a Stratocaster and a Telecaster can be a challenge.

How to Make a Bone Nut

A detailed walkthrough to teach you the process of making a new bone nut for your guitar from scratch – you need to know this to get perfect action!

Is Tonewood A Myth?

We take an open-minded approach to answering one of the biggest questions when it comes to building custom guitars: “does tonewood actually affect my tone?”

Custom Guitar Builders Online Directory

Find a luthier, repair shop, custom guitar maker, or boutique guitar companies near you. Match by location, services, and online ordering.

Online Bass Tuner App

A free online tuner for electric bassists – simply click the strings and tune to pitch. Check out our other apps once you’ve tuned up!

Fret Distance Calculator

A helpful application to do all of the math required fretting a guitar (or bass) – particularly useful for non-standard scale lengths.

Guitar Chords Chart App

A free online chord index that contains virtually every guitar chord and variation known. Useful for beginners and advanced players, no theory required.

Guitar Notes: Visualizing Standard Tuning

This lesson presents a simple visual method for memorizing all of the notes on the fretboard – guaranteed to improve your playing.

How to Set Up a Guitar (Perfectly)

This guide walks you through every step in the process of performing a professional setup and achieving the perfect action at home. Tool links included.

Custom Guitar Pickups Guide

We take a close look at the world of custom pickup winding and how much thought goes into each component to create your guitar’s voice.