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Custom Guitar Builders Online Directory

Find a luthier, repair shop, custom guitar maker, or boutique guitar companies near you. Match by location, services, and online ordering.

Online Bass Tuner App

A free online tuner for electric bassists – simply click the strings and tune to pitch. Check out our other apps once you’ve tuned up!

Fret Distance Calculator

A helpful application to do all of the math required fretting a guitar (or bass) – particularly useful for non-standard scale lengths.

Guitar Chords Chart App

A free online chord index that contains virtually every guitar chord and variation known. Useful for beginners and advanced players, no theory required.

Guitar Notes: Visualizing Standard Tuning

This lesson presents a simple visual method for memorizing all of the notes on the fretboard – guaranteed to improve your playing.

How to Set Up a Guitar (Perfectly)

This guide walks you through every step in the process of performing a professional setup and achieving the perfect action at home. Tool links included.

Custom Guitar Pickups Guide

We take a close look at the world of custom pickup winding and how much thought goes into each component to create your guitar’s voice.

Inside the Gibson Guitar Factory

Take a look inside the Gibson Guitar Factory Tour to get an idea of all of the cool stuff you’ll get to see – from a block of wood to the finished product.

All About the Fender Telecaster

The Fender Telecaster is a guitarist’s guitar – it’s a no-frills, minimalist, magical block of wood that changed music for the better.

Online Guitar Tuner

A free online electric guitar tuner – simply click the strings and tune up to pitch! (A-440). Check out our other applications afterward too!

The Electric Herald is a fantastic resource for Guitarists and Luthiers seeking to hone and refine their craft. Joel’s expertise is unmatched, and his guiding tips, tricks and insights make this platform one of the most impactful on the web. We browse his content quite often for inspiration and knowledge for our own guitar guides and recommendations.

Liam F | Music Grotto | Founder and Editor

We’ve worked successfully with Joel on several custom guitars and wouldn’t hesitate to do so again when the need arises. There is an attention to detail and a level of intuition here that is uncommon to find.

Jeff Lee | Halo Custom Guitars, Inc. | CEO