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Inside the Gibson Guitar Factory

Take a look inside the Gibson Guitar Factory Tour to get an idea of all of the cool stuff you’ll get to see – from a block of wood to the finished product.

All About the Fender Telecaster

The Fender Telecaster is a guitarist’s guitar – it’s a no-frills, minimalist, magical block of wood that changed music for the better.

Online Guitar Tuner

A free online electric guitar tuner – simply click the strings and tune up to pitch! (A-440). Check out our other applications afterward too!

The Best Starter Guitars Under $300

Some free professional help from an experienced perspective – we can help you find the right guitar for yourself or a loved one….at the right price too.

Used Guitar Buyer’s Guide

If you’re considering buying a used guitar from the shop down the road or Craigslist, you can ensure you get what you want with this guide.

Figured Guitar Wood Guide

A guide to figured wood types – take an in-depth look at how these fascinating patterns are formed. Even professional luthiers can learn something new here.

How to Choose the Right Wood for your Guitar

This guide will walk you through the very first step in the guitar-making process: cutting down the tree. You should know this stuff before you go buy wood!

History: The First Electric Guitar

A brief history lesson on the little instrument from which all electric guitars are descended. No, Les Paul didn’t invent the electric guitar.

Tonecaps – Guitar Capacitors Guide

Ever wanted to know how a capacitor actually changes your guitar’s tone? Or know why different capacitors create different tones? This article is for you.