CAD Guitar Model – BC Rich Ironbird


Designed specifically for 3-axis CNC machining. Models come complete with textures. Ready for CAM toolpaths.


  • 24.625″ scale
  • 24 frets (StewMac Wide/Highest)
  • 10 – 12″ compound radius fretboard
  • Regular and inverted headstock models included
  • Multiple body variations included
  • Neck plate and pickup ring models included

See product notes below for further information!

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Accurate Guitar Model for CNC

Based on BC Rich Ironbird models from 1997 & 1999.


  • Properly labelled & organized work
  • Faithful, accurate designs
  • 2D sketches included
  • All suitable formats for CNC (F3D, STEP, IGES)

Available Filetypes

  • F3D (Fusion 360 native)
  • STEP (vendor neutral)
  • IGES (vendor neutral)
  • STL (vendor neutral)
Model Notes:

The following drill dimensions are used:

  • Tuning machines: 10mm Ø | Controls: 8mm Ø | Panels: 2mm Ø


Floyd Rose Original routes included. This is a 40mm body, which brings top and underside routes 5mm closer than the common 45mm bodies. The shelf is particularly thin in one area – it’s perfectly fine to route through this part.


This model does not include the following (allowing for user preference / variable hardware):

  • Truss rod slot (guide sketch included)
  • CAM toolpaths

* Neck pocket & panel recess offsets are .01″.

Download the DXF / PDF / Vector templates here!

STL files are included with this model purchase. To avoid scaling issues with less sophisticated software, they have been exported and organized separately with their unit scaling in MM, CM, and INCHES. All STL files are exported in binary format to reduce file size with high refinement. Each part is exported individually.