CAD Guitar Model – Fender Jaguar


Designed specifically for 3-axis CNC machining. Models come in assembly files complete with all standard individual parts & listed variable parts. Ready for CAM toolpaths.


  • 24″ scale
  • 22 frets (StewMac Medium/Medium)
  • 9.5″ radius fretboard
  • Un-beveled body variant included
  • Fender #36 C-profile neck

See product notes below for further information!

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Accurate Guitar Model for CNC

Based on a 1964 Fender Jaguar


  • Properly labelled & organized work
  • Faithful, accurate designs
  • 2D sketches included
  • Suitable formats for CNC (F3D, STEP)

Available Filetypes

  • F3D (Fusion 360 native)
  • STEP (vendor neutral)
Model Notes:

The following drill dimensions are used:

  • Tuning machines: 10mm Ø | Controls: ~9.5mm (3/8″) Ø | Panels: ~2mm Ø (5/64th – #5) | Neck Bolt Pilots: ~3.2mm (1/8″)


Sketch for fretboard dots included.


This model does not include the following (allowing for user preference / variable hardware):

  • Truss rod slot (center-line sketch included)
  • CAM toolpaths

* Neck pocket recess offset is .015″.

Download the DXF / PDF / Vector templates here!