Gibson Les Paul Custom (25.5″) Template

This is a customized Les Paul Custom featuring a 25.5″ scale length.

  • 12.5mm (1/2″) thickness – no re-carving necessary.
  • High quality MDF – strong, light, and does not shrink/expand.
  • Precise 1/16″ pilot holes for hardware placement.
  • Pickguard / cavity cover templates included.
  • Neck profile templates to minimize manual carving and increase accuracy / symmetry.
  • 1/16″ center lines built into the wood to ensure they never wear away.

All of our routing templates are built for long-term repeated use.

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Gibson Les Paul Custom (25.5″ Scale) – Complete Routing Template Set

Includes everything you need to build a complete guitar.

  • Separate fretboard template*
  • Body template with pickup and recessed cavity routes** (top)
  • Body template with cavity, channel, and tenon routes*** (bottom)
  • Neck template (headstock and tenon end included)
  • Neck profile template (second dimension routing / tenon profile)
  • Headstock template (for scarf joints and laminates)
  • Cavity covers (2 pieces)

* Fretboard template does not include fret slotting guide.
** Recessed cavity templates have a .03″ offset to fit cavity covers.
*** Tenon and neck pocket templates have a .02″ offset for tight fitment.

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Dimensions28 × 18 × 1 in


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