Guitar DXF – Ibanez RG-8




Ibanez RG-8 Blueprint Layers

Full-Scale Digital Blueprints

Based on a 2016 Ibanez RG-8, modified pickup cavities.


  • Layered and labelled work (DXF, AI)
  • Faithful, accurate designs
  • Scale lines & center lines
  • Formats for all applications (CAD/CAM, print, design)
This model features a Floyd Rose Original 8 String cavity set that may vary slightly from your model. It is based on Floyd Rose’s own measurements for the bridge – double check the cavities will fit before committing. Ibanez Edge bridges tend to follow Floyd Rose cavity standards, but need a larger recess bay.

Available Filetypes

  • DXF (CAD Interchange)
  • PDF
  • Adobe Illustrator (Vector)