Blackmachine B6

Blackmachine’s guitars have made their mark in the metal community, and the B6 model is the one that brought them into the spotlight (thanks to Pin from Sikth). Download these free PDF templates to build your own Blackmachine guitar.

Ibanez JS1000

One of Ibanez’s classic signature models (that isn’t the JEM) – Joe Satriani’s JS1000 signature model came out in 1994. It’s a 22-fret, 25.5″ scale guitar equipped with a Floyd Rose tremolo system.

Fender Telemaster

An extremely rare piece of Fender history, the Telemaster guitar never quite made it to production, but these templates will ensure it won’t be forgotten any time soon.

Ergonomic Guitars

Downloadable PDF guitar templates for various ergonomic models.

Gibson Moderne Templates

A long forgotten Gibson scrapheap design that’s found its way to the top of the “sought-after” list.

Brian May’s Red Special

Brian May’s famous self-built Red Special signature guitar.

First Act Rick Nielsen’s Bettie

Rick Nielsen’s “Bettie” is a custom signature guitar from First Act. This detailed template features a total of six pickups, twelve knobs, and six switches.

MSK Guitars MK1HH24 Model Blueprint

An in-depth blueprint for the MKI-HH24 model guitar built by Mike Kelly (MSK Guitars). This is one of the coolest super-strat designs around, and the plans are extremely detailed!

PRS DC 22 Templates

A complete template set from Guitarts.de of the PRS DC Custom 22 guitar. Includes hardware placement, neck pocket, isolines, and more.

DBZ Bird of Prey Templates

One of the more obscure guitar companies out there – the DBZ / Diamond Bird of Prey guitar templates include both front and back views of the instrument.