Strandberg Boden 6

A complete PDF template set for the Strandberg Boden model – 6-strings, multi-scale, and ultra compact/ergonomic.

Mosrite Ventures Guitar Templates

The Mosrite Ventures guitar model is a relic of the 60s, and it’s as unique as it is rare. If you like high gain, surfing, and offset shapes, you might enjoy this thing.

Acoustic Templates (Archive)

Full-scale (1:1) templates for acoustic instruments, suitable for printing or CNC machining. Includes acoustic & classical guitars.

Yamaha Attitude Limited II Bass template / blueprint.
Yamaha Attitude Bass Templates

A printable PDF bass template for anyone wanting to built their own Yamaha Attitude Limited II edition bass guitar (Billy Sheehan’s signature model).

Gretsch Electromatic Lap Steel Templates

You can build yourself one of rock & country music’s biggest instrument icons with this Gretsch Electromatic lap steel template. It’s 1:1 scale and PDF format, easy for printing.

Harmony Stratotone

A 1957 Harmony Stratotone guitar would be a great addition to any collection, but good luck finding an original. This Stratotone guitar template set will help you build your own though, which is even better!

Blackmachine B6 Templates

Blackmachine’s guitars have made their mark in the metal community, and the B6 model is the one that brought them into the spotlight (thanks to Pin from Sikth). Download these free PDF templates to build your own Blackmachine guitar.

Ibanez JS1000 Templates

One of Ibanez’s classic signature models (that isn’t the JEM) – Joe Satriani’s JS1000 signature model came out in 1994. It’s a 22-fret, 25.5″ scale guitar equipped with a Floyd Rose tremolo system.

Fender Telemaster Templates

An extremely rare piece of Fender history, the Telemaster guitar never quite made it to production, but these templates will ensure it won’t be forgotten any time soon.

Ergonomic Guitar Templates

Downloadable PDF guitar templates for various ergonomic models.