First Act Rick Nielsen’s Bettie

Rick Nielsen’s “Bettie” is a custom signature guitar from First Act. This detailed template features a total of six pickups, twelve knobs, and six switches.

MSK Guitars MK1HH24 Model Blueprint

An in-depth blueprint for the MKI-HH24 model guitar built by Mike Kelly (MSK Guitars). This is one of the coolest super-strat designs around, and the plans are extremely detailed!

PRS DC 22 Templates

A complete template set from Guitarts.de of the PRS DC Custom 22 guitar. Includes hardware placement, neck pocket, isolines, and more.

DBZ Bird of Prey Templates

One of the more obscure guitar companies out there – the DBZ / Diamond Bird of Prey guitar templates include both front and back views of the instrument.

Music Man Axis Templates (Ernie Ball)

Complete 1:1 scale, printable PDF guitar templates for the Ernie Ball / Music Man Axis model.

Gibson Explorer Guitar Templates

Full-scale, printable Gibson Explorer templates – suitable for building routing templates. Multiple variations and years to select from.

Music Man JP6 (John Petrucci Signature)

Full-scale guitar templates for the Music Man (Ernie Ball) JP6 John Petrucci signature model.

Music Man JPX (John Petrucci Signature)

Printable 1:1 scale templates for the Music Man (Ernie Ball) JPX – one of a few different signature models for John Petrucci of Dream Theater fame.

Music Man Majesty (John Petrucci Signature)

Full-scale guitar templates for the Ernie Ball / Music Man Majesty (John Petrucci signature model).

Washburn N4 Guitar Templates

Full-scale, printable guitar templates for the Washburn N4. This guitar was a Washburn’s flagship model in the 90s due to its stylish, unique take on the super-Strat style.