Washburn N4 Guitar Templates

Full-scale, printable guitar templates for the Washburn N4. This guitar was a Washburn’s flagship model in the 90s due to its stylish, unique take on the super-Strat style.

Gibson CS-356 Guitar Templates

A complete breakdown of the Gibson CS-356 (not to be confused with its predecessor, the ES-335). These templates include wiring diagrams, neck profile sections, and complete interior/exterior construction plans.

Music Man Albert Lee Guitar Templates

Body plans and hardware locations for the Albert Lee Music Man model guitar.

Danelectro DC ’59 Guitar Templates

Full-sized guitar templates of the Danelectro DC ’59 – possibly the brand’s most recognizable guitar model. Suitable for printing.

Blackmachine B7 (7-String) Template

The Blackmachine guitar lineup is well known for its thin body and neck profiles. This 7-string guitar template is based on the B7 model.

Epiphone Coronet Guitar Templates

Guitar templates for the Epiphone Coronet, which was originally sold in the 50s as an entry-level instrument. The originals were phased out quickly, but have been reissued.

BC Rich Mockingbird Templates

Full scale guitar templates for the B.C. Rich Mockingbird model, available in PDF format for easy printing. Perfect for making your own routing templates.

Squier Supersonic Guitar Templates

A full-sized cutting template for the Squier Supersonic – the Squier Hypersonic is also an almost exact copy of this model, and can be used for this.

Jackson Randy Rhoads V (RR1) Templates

Excellent detailed plans for the Jackson RR1 (Randy Rhoads Flying V) model guitar – complete with routing locations for hardware and fretboard details.

Gretsch Duo Jet Templates

Scale body plans for custom builds and repairs of the Gretsch Duo Jet model.