Gretsch Billy-Bo Jupiter Thunderbird Templates

Complete template for the Gretsch Billy-Bo Jupiter Thunderbird guitar model – perfect for custom builds and repairs.

Gretsch Astro Jet Templates

Complete templates (body, neck, headstock, pickgaurd, etc) for the Gretsch Astro Jet model.

Gibson Les Paul Guitar Templates

Complete plans and routing templates for all variations of the Gibson Les Paul (Custom, ’59), plus Les Paul Junior. Perfect for custom builds.

Gibson SG Custom Guitar Templates

Templates for the construction of the Gibson SG Custom guitar model – perfect 1:1 scale high quality, detailed PDFs suitable for luthiers.

Gibson Melody Maker Guitar Templates

Very thorough full-scale templates of the Gibson Melody Maker guitar model, including every construction component and wiring diagrams as well.

Gibson Flying V Guitar Templates

Full scale PDF cutting templates for the Gibson Flying V, as well as CAD files for automated CNC routing. 1958, 1959, and 1983 models included.

Gibson Firebird Studio Guitar Templates

An impressively detailed building template / hardware diagram for the Gibson Firebird Studio model guitar – contains everything you’ll need!

Gibson ES-335 Guitar Templates

Various cutting templates and plans for the Gibson ES-335.

Gibson Double Neck (ESD-1275) Templates

A complete 1:1 scale construction template for the Gibson Double-Neck ESD-1275 guitar – this is a very detailed and thorough plan.

Fender Toronado Templates

Interested in building a Fender Toronado? Use these body and neck templates to trace markings for all of your cuts and hardware placement.