Fender Telecaster Templates

Printable templates for the Telecaster (Custom, Deluxe, Thinline). Routing guides for pickups, electronics, body cavities / f-holes, necks, and fretboards.

Fender Stratocaster Templates

Templates & Measurements for the Fender Stratocaster (Standard, 60s Model specs included).

Fender Mustang / Cyclone Guitar Templates

A guitar building template for the Fender Mustang (or Cyclone) model. Use these full-sized diagrams to trace out the guitar’s shapes and hardware.

Fender Jazzmaster Guitar Templates

A collection of building templates and wiring diagrams for the Fender Jazzmaster.

Danelectro Double Cutaway ’59 Templates

Plans and routing templates for the Danelectro Double Cutaway ’59 model guitar.

Charvel EVH 5150 Guitar Templates

Full scale body & neck cutting template for the Charvel 5150 model, profile view included.